Firewood collection

A permit must be issued to collect firewood from local roads within West Wimmera Shire. Firewood collection is not permitted by West Wimmera Shire Council on roads controlled by VIC Roads or during the Fire Danger period.

Permit Conditions:

  • No firewood is to be collected for "commercial purposes" from Local Roads within West Wimmera Shire.
  • No standing trees (dead or alive) are to be cut down or removed.
  • Permits are only issued to shire residents and are limited to three cubic metres per permit and a maximum of three permits per calendar year per household.
  • The permit applies to local roads under the control of West Wimmera Shire Council.
  • The applicant must nominate the roads that wood is to be collected from.

Permits are available from the Edenhope and Kaniva Offices during firewood collections season.