Planning an Event

West Wimmera Shire is a great place to hold your next event.

Events can be all sizes, and therefore have different requirements. 

If your event is complex, it may need approvals and permits. 

We can help you determine if you need approval and support from Council, or if you simply need to notify us that your event is taking place.

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We can help you to choose a location for your event, create a safe work site, plan for emergencies, anticipate noise, manage waste, provide toilets, ensure the event is accessible and more.

What is an Event?

West Wimmera recognises different types of events that you may want to hold in our shire. An event is a public or private gathering of people. Here are some examples of different types of events that you may want to hold in our shire.

  • Footpath activity - street stall, raffles
  • Markets
  • Public outdoor community events, such as a BBQs, fun run
  • Weddings
  • Family functions
  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Workshops or classes
  • Trade Show or Expo
  • A festival or party
  • An activity such as a fun run or fate 
  • Sporting events 
  • Cultural Celebrations

Why and how can Council be involved?

Council can work with you to market your event on our Events Calendar, notice boards and on Council Social Media pages.

Depending on what your event is, you may need to complete some applications for approvals. We can help you determine what permits your event requires and assist you in navigating the compliance for events. 

You may need some temporary road closures, portable toilets, traffic management signs, venue hire, catering or advertising. 

Council can also support your event with Emergency Services Management, by submitting details of your event to the local Emergency Services so that they can better respond to any incidents. 

Council has equipment and resources that may help you host your event. Please contact our Events Team via email at for information on what equipment or resources are available. 

There are a number of Council run facilities and venues which you can book for your event. See our available Venues Here

Some events require Health permits such a FoodTrader permits or other food related insurance. We can support you to navigate what permits you need. Read more about permits Here.


How to plan an Event

Having an event in the West Wimmera Shire is a straight forward process, outlined below.

Start by notifying us about your upcoming event and we can go from there to discuss your plans, book your venue if required and then complete applicable permit applications. 

We then support you to manage your event safely. 

 Event notify and policy process.png

Planning Guide and Marketing Guide

Council encourages and supports the efforts that contribute to the rich and vibrant calendar of events that makes our region such a desirable place to live and visit. We want your events to be successful and have positive outcomes for the community. 

West Wimmera Shire Council Event Planning Guide(PDF, 39MB) is designed as a helpful reference guide to assist event organisers run a safe and successful event in our shire.

West Wimmera Shire Council Event Marketing Guide(PDF, 11MB) has been developed to assist event organisers with marketing ideas and suggestions, to successfully promote events that are held in our shire. We can also support you with additional promotion across the Council's Social Media channels and our Events Calendar


Helpful Links and Permit Applications

There are a range of permits or registrations that you may need for your event. 

  • Planning  - For use of land, other spaces and meeting statutory planning requirements.
  • Building - For construction of any platforms or structures that may be required to host your event.
  • Health - Registration for food provision, waste water and COVID regulations.
  • Local Laws - Trading permits, road closures, noise management and other community safety regulations. 


West Wimmera Shire Council Links/Permit Applications/Forms

Advertising an Event Form Advertising an Event Form

Event Application Community Quick Response and Event Grant

Planning Permit Information Planning Permit Application(PDF, 1004KB)


Other Helpful Links/Permits/Forms


Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liqour Registration 
1300 182 457

Working with children Victoria

EPA Noise Regulation Information

WorkSafe Fireworks Information

Barengi Gadjin Land Council Aboriginal Corporation 
142 Firebrace St, Horsham, Vic 3400,
Phone: (03) 5381 0977 


General Information that may be useful for Events

Information on Acknowledgement of Country


Accommodation and camping

Public toilet locations

Accessible Events – A Guide for Organisers

Gas Safety

Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water
GWMWater sponsorship application 

OneMusic Australia 


Things to Consider

Considerations need to be given to the event type, size, inclusions and any associated requirements. Note: some of these are legal and safety requirement that must be completed.

Place of Public Entertainment (PoPE) or Temporary Structure - Your event may require a PoPE Permit; depending on the size of the event, number of people attending or the use of a temporary structure such as a stage, marquee or tent. 

Safety Officer – As part your event permits, it might be a condition of the permit that you are required to have a Safety Officer at your event. 

The Safety Officer must either hold a Safety Training Qualification “in accordance of the Building Regulations 2006 section 1105 Conditions of Use”, or have relevant qualifications and experience in emergency management (CFA, SES). Where an alternative person is nominated, details of their qualifications and experience (CV/Resume) is required to be submitted for assessment and approval.
Safety Officer training is available through MFB; providing relevant qualifications for ‘Safety Officer – In a Place of Public Entertainment’.       

Stallholders must be registered under the Food Act 1984, have appropriate public liability insurance, and must submit a Statement of Trade [Streatrader] at least 5 days prior to the event date.

Visit Department of Health & Human Services for more information about food safety requirements. 

Road Closure – If your event proposes to close a road or requires road closures to facilitate its operations, a road closure application will be required to be submitted to the Shire or Vic Roads (road dependent). Contact us for clarification of which application is relevant to your event location/road.

Traffic Management Plan - If your event includes road closures, a traffic management plan must be developed and installed/manned by an accredited traffic management company. 

Road Closure Communication/Notification  It is a requirement that if you are closing a road you must notify residents and businesses within the road closure area and surrounding areas, at least four weeks prior to the event. This is to be communicated by way of a notification letter to each individual place of residence/business, advising of the changed traffic conditions and providing a map of the area and relevant event contact details. Furthermore you will be required to advertise the road closure in the local newspapers.

Event Management Plan  Is the plan that includes all the details about the event and how it will be implemented, including; relevant contacts, overview, program, budget, logistics, run sheet, site maps, evacuation plans, security schedules, etc.

Event Marketing Plan - The development of an effective marketing and communications plan is essential for the delivery of a successful event. Considerations to include; event summary, vision/mission, target markets, objectives and performance indications, strategies and initiatives.

Risk Management Plan - A risk management plan sets out the strategies and the processes you've put in place to help you manage risk associated with your event.

Licenced areas  If you are selling alcohol as part of your event, a temporary licence is likely required. Please visit the Victorian Commission for Racing, Gaming & Liquor or contact us for more information.

Emergency Service Agency Contact - You must notify specific agencies of your upcoming event, ensuring that relevant authorities are aware that the event is taking place, and are provided with relevant detail. Victoria PoliceCFA VictoriaAmbulance VictoriaSES

Develop a draft plan; include the aim and purpose, identify target markets, resources and budget, determine event requirements and logistics.

Once the draft plan has been developed, a realistic budget can be established.

We have some funding and support available for community events. Visit our Grants & Funding page for more information.


Risk and Emergency Management

The varying activities that can be part of a community event or festival can provide a difficult environment for risk management. Activities can involve other groups or individuals, can involve some major risks, or can involve a number of people coming together for a short period of time. The physical environment can be challenging , and the weather can intervene and cause chaos at any time. Proper planning is essential.

You can download a Risk Management Checklist and a Emergency Management Plan Template below. Both documents should be included in your Risk Management Plan.

Risk-Assessment-Template.doc(DOC, 252KB)

Emergency-Management-Plan-Template.docx(DOCX, 25KB)