Roads and infrastructure

Heavy vehicle

All Transport companies applying for Heavy Vehicle - Higher Mass Limits, General Mass Limits, Over Dimensional and Crane permits must apply to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR). Information, applications and forms available on the NHVR website.


Road management

West Wimmera Shire Council is the controlling authority of an extensive networks of roads and as such is responsible for carrying out management functions on local roads i.e. all roads within the municipal area other than VicRoads highways.

The road network within the Shire has a road hierarchy comprising declared Highways, Main Roads, and local Roads. Council has the responsibility to maintain all local roads, streets, footpaths and drains within the Shire.

Main Roads or 'C' class roads are the responsibility of VicRoads. Council does however hold the contract for the maintenance of these roads. Main Roads include:

  • Casterton Apsley Road
  • Casterton Edenhope Road
  • Casterton Naracoorte Road
  • Coleraine Edenhope Road
  • Edenhope Penola Road
  • Kaniva Edenhope Road
  • Natimuk Frances Road
  • Nhill Harrow Road
  • Serviceton Nth Telopea Downs Road
  • Western Highway
  • Wimmera Highway
  • Wombelano Road

Issues arising with Council infrastructure can be reported to customer service staff via the Customer Request Form or by calling 13 WWSC.

Any issues arising with roads managed by VicRoads are to be reported to Roads, Faults or Queries | 13 11 70.

The Road Management Act 2004 imposes a legal duty for the Council to construct, inspect, maintain and repair roads to an adequate standard, having regard to the nature of the road and the traffic that uses them. The Act authorises the Council to develop a Road Management Plan that sets out in detail the standards of construction, inspection, repair and maintenance of public roads under their administration.



Road register

The register of public roads categorises all roads within West Wimmera Shire that the West Wimmera Shire Council is responsible for. Roads maintained by VicRoads and unnamed roads are found on a separate list. Roads are classified according to their usage.


West-Wimmera-Shire-Road-Register_V2.pdf(PDF, 527KB)