Calculating your rates

Rates are property taxes that allow Council to raise revenue to fund essential public services to cater to their municipal population. Council rates are defined as a tax, and not a fee for service. Importantly, the rating taxation system includes flexibility for councils to utilise different tools in the rating structure to accommodate issues of equity and to ensure fairness in rating for all ratepayers.

As part of the annual budget process, Council determines the amount of total revenue it requires to raise from rates. The rates revenue requirement is then distributed across the properties within the Shire in alignment with Council's Revenue and Rating Plan

Council has established a rating structure comprised of three key elements. These are:

• Uniform General Rates – Based on property values (using the Capital Improved Valuation methodology) form the central basis of rating under the Local Government Act 1989;

• Municipal Charge - A ‘fixed rate” portion per property to cover some of the administrative costs of Council.

• Service Charges - A ‘user pays’ component for council waste collection services. The Waste Collection Charge is for Council's waste management operations and is levied on every improved property within the township boundaries in the municipality. It covers domestic household rubbish collection where available, emptying public rubbish bins, public parks and gardens and operations of Council's recycling program. 

 Council annual rates revenue is subjected to the annual overall rate cap. 

Valuation base

The West Wimmera Shire Council uses Capital Improved Value (CIV) as its valuation base. CIV represents the total market value of the land and any improvements (buildings etc) - for more information refer to the Valuation of Land Act 1960.

How are general rates calculated?

The formula for calculating general rates, excluding any additional charges or arrears, is:

General Rates = Valuation x Rate In The Dollar.
(details of the council valuation of your property are displayed on your rate notice).

For Council the general rate calculation for the 2023/2024 year on a residential property valued at $150,000 would be:

Capital Improved Value - $150,000
Rate In the Dollar - 0.0011981
$150,000 x 0.0012795 = $179.72*

*This figure excludes the Waste Collection Service Charge of $348.00 and Municipal Charge of $166.00 and any applicable Fire Services Property Levies.

Rates Distribution.png

Rates & Charges 2023-24

Council has determined 2022/2023 Rates and Charges as part of the budget process for the forthcoming year. Your rate notice will show how your rates are calculated, and will include any other charges eg. waste collection/municipal charge, fire services property levy.

Classification How rate is applied    Rate  

Uniform General land rates

Cents in $ of CIV


Municipal charge

$ per property


Waste collection charge - 120 urban

$ per property*


Waste collection charge - 120L rural   

$ per service


Waste collection charge - 240L commercial 

$ per service


Urban 120L glass bin collection $ per service $55.00









*Improved properties within Township boundary