Community urged to look out for first signs of corellas

Published on 20 September 2022


West Wimmera Shire Council will look to deter corella ‘scout birds’ in a bid to discourage large flocks from roosting in towns.

The shire has experienced problems with large numbers of corellas in the past and in significant numbers, corellas cause damage to trees, create noise issues, and can potentially damage buildings and infrastructure.

An early step that is vital in Council’s corella management plan is to deter scout birds.

Council Planning and Environment Manager Nicole Wearne said scout birds were the first birds that come into our towns, usually between September and November.

“These birds are looking for sources of food and places to roost,” she said.

“Targeting scout birds can deter the corella flocks that follow.”

Scout birds will be deterred using scaring methods.

Residents should contact Council if they see any scout birds on Council land.

Council officers can then actively deter these birds to discourage the following flocks from settling in township areas.

To report a corella sighting, residents can call Council on 13 99 72 or fill out an easy online form.

Corella management strategies outlined in Council’s management plan include dispersing birds, public education, asset design solutions, and advocacy and partnership.

“No single management strategy alone will prove effective,” Mrs Wearne said.

 “A number of different techniques need to be used in different locations and at varying times.” 


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