Free green waste period to start

Published on 07 September 2023

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West Wimmera Shire Council will again run its annual free green waste disposal period for residents, providing a valuable opportunity to address overgrown vegetation in the region.

From 23 September to 8 October, residents can take advantage of this complimentary service by delivering their green waste to their nearest transfer stations at no cost.

Council has a free green waste disposal period for residents between July and September each year.

This initiative is aimed at promoting community safety and maintaining the pristine beauty of our surroundings.

Chief Executive Officer David Bezuidenhout highlighted the importance of this initiative, especially in light of the upcoming summer period.

“Any excessive vegetation could be a potential fire hazard as the weather warms up,” he said.

“This is a great opportunity for residents to take action, clean up their properties, and get rid of any unwanted green waste."

Overgrown vegetation not only poses fire risks but can also impact the overall aesthetics and safety of the region.

The free green waste disposal period is an excellent chance for residents to contribute to a cleaner, safer environment.

To take advantage of this service, residents can take their green waste to their nearest transfer station between 23 September and 8 October.

For more information about the locations and operating hours of transfer stations within the shire, click here

Council encourages all residents to clear away excess vegetation to help keep the shire safe and clean.

“Your commitment to disposing of green waste responsibly makes a significant difference in maintaining the well-being and beauty of our communities,” Mr Bezuidenhout said.


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