Green waste charges from July 1

Published on 21 June 2022

Green waste.png

New EPA regulations mean that West Wimmera Shire Council will soon have to charge for green waste at its transfer stations.

From July 1, residents will be charged $15 per cubic metre of green waste.

Council Chief Executive Officer David Bezuidenhout said the charges had to be introduced after changes to EPA regulations.

“The new regulations state that green waste can no longer be burnt onsite,” he said.

“All green waste that comes into our transfer stations will have to be chipped, which comes at a significant cost to Council.

“Unfortunately, the situation is out of our control, and we are in a position where we have no choice but to charge for green waste.

“We understand the impact this will have on our residents.”

West Wimmera Shire has transfer stations at Apsley, Chetwynd, Dergholm, Edenhope, Goroke, Harrow, and Kaniva


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