New glass recycling bins coming

Published on 18 May 2023

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West Wimmera Shire Council is gearing up to introduce a glass recycling system that will improve the way residents recycle at home.

Soon, residents will need to separate their waste and recycling into three streams:

• glass recycling

• mixed recycling

• general rubbish.

New purple bins for glass only will be rolled out to residents from June 13.

Residents who currently receive kerbside recycling collection, will receive a new purple-lidded bin in that week.

Kerbside collection of the glass bins will begin in late July.

By changing the way residents sort their waste and recycling at home, more of their glass bottles and jars can be turned into things like roads and new glass jars.

Broken glass makes other items like cardboard, paper and plastic hard to recycle. By putting glass bottles and jars in a separate bin more of them can be recycled into new things.

Council Chief Executive Office David Bezuidenhout said the new glass recycling program was an important step towards improving recycling in the shire.

“By sorting our recycling into separate streams, we can keep valuable resources out of landfill. This means they can be used again and again,” he said.

Glass collected from West Wimmera Shire will go to Warracknabeal, where a joint rural glass crushing unit will crush the glass for Council to use as a base for roads.

Residents who don’t currently receive kerbside recycling collection can deposit their glass for free at Council Transfer Stations. There will also be community drop-off points at Edenhope, Lake Charlegrark, Kaniva, Miram, Lillimur, Serviceton and Telopea Downs.

West Wimmera Shire Council will provide more information to residents, about collection dates and how to use their new purple bin, at the time of the rollout.

Until then, households should keep using the current waste and recycling system as normal. 

Residents wanting to find out more about the upcoming changes can contact us on 13 99 72 or go to for details.


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