Tenders awarded for final stage of Kaniva drinking water upgrade

Published on 12 April 2024



GWMWater has awarded tenders to construct the pipeline and remaining facilities which will provide drinking water to the township of Kaniva.

Kaniva is the largest town in Victoria which does not have a drinking water supply.

Girdwood Contractors have been awarded the tender to complete the 43km of pipeline that will link Nhill to Kaniva.

Contractor CHS Group has been awarded the tender to complete the pump station sites which includes an upgrade to the existing Dimboola to Nhill pump station site, as well as construction of two new booster pump station sites.

Once works are complete, Kaniva’s water supply will be sourced from the Grampians reservoir system, and treated in line with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines at the Dimboola Water Treatment Plant, before being piped to Kaniva.

This is the final stage of works prior to the project’s commissioning which is expected in February 2025.

Cleaning of the town reticulation network and water quality testing will occur before the water is approved as suitable for drinking by the Department of Health.

Charges for water supply for Kaniva urban customers will be the same as other drinking water towns serviced by GWMWater. GWMWater estimates that the bill for a household with average use would increase by about $5.17 a week (the equivalent of $67.50 on each quarterly account).

Providing safe, high-quality drinking water promotes wellbeing, liveability and future growth for communities and businesses and is an investment in the community and generations to come.

A drinking water supply will provide water that has consistent water clarity and quality, and generally improves the life of appliances such as hot water services, washing machines and dishwashers.

Drinking water upgrades are also currently being progressed at Elmhurst, Moyston, Berriwillock and Culgoa.

For more information on current drinking water projects, please visit gwmwater.org.au/drinking-water-upgrades


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