West Wimmera Shire Council takes proactive action to manage corellas

Published on 14 November 2023


West Wimmera Shire Council is initiating proactive steps to address corella populations near Lake Wallace in response to the increasing numbers.

In the coming weeks, a comprehensive program will be implemented to manage the corella population, involving a combination of culling and scare tactics along the Lake Wallace foreshore.

The shire has experienced problems with large numbers of corellas in the past.

In significant numbers, corellas cause damage to trees, create noise issues, and can potentially damage buildings and infrastructure.

The primary goal of Council’s efforts is to mitigate the impact of corellas on local trees and structures, striking a balance between wildlife preservation and community safety.

As part of this program, council will trial the use of scare kites in the area.

The trial aims to assess the effectiveness of these scare kites in deterring corellas from nesting in trees and perching on structures around Lake Wallace.

Council Chief Executive Office David Bezuidenhout said three scare bird kites were installed around Lake Wallace on Monday as part of the trial.

“This is an innovative approach we are taking to address the corella challenge,” he said.

“We kindly ask the community to not touch the kites during this time.

“Our proactive steps reflect Council's dedication to finding effective solutions to manage the corella populations.”

Council encourages residents and visitors to support and cooperate with these efforts, as their involvement plays a vital role in preserving the ecosystem and ensuring the safety of the community.


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