New SA Border Crossing Approvals System

On display until 30 July 2020, 12:30 PM


A new online cross border travel process will commence at 12.01 am on Wednesday 1 July 2020 for people travelling into South Australia.


The new online application is part of measures to streamline processes and provide more certainty for cross border travellers before they reach South Australian borders. A central assessment team will review the application against the current Emergency Management Cross Border Directions providing greater consistency in determinations.


SAPOL advises that border residents already holding an approval permit do NOT need to re-apply.

Pre-Travel Requirements 
All people travelling to South Australia should complete the online “Cross Border Travel Registration” prior to travelling, regardless of the location they are travelling from.

The pre-approval process will allow assessment of which, if any restrictions apply, which could be the traveller: is classified as an essential traveller, with or without self-quarantine restrictions; needs to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival; or  is able to travel without restrictions (for example people coming from QLD, WA, TAS, NT).
If the traveller is unable to complete the online application they may still proceed to the border and a police officer will assist them.  The border process will be significantly faster if traveller details have been entered before they arrive and a central assessment has been made.  
Following completion of the online form the traveller will receive confirmation and a reference number indicating the application has been submitted.  
Central Assessment 
A Central Assessment Unit within South Australia Police will process the applications against the current Emergency Management Act Cross Border travel Direction.  These Directions do change and people should familiarise themselves with the current restrictions and categories contained within them. The Central Assessment Unit will confirm all the details on the application have been completed and make a determination on the relevant 'status' for the traveller.       

 A Single or Ongoing approval will be issued for travellers meeting the criteria of Essential Travellers or confirmation of the need to self-quarantine will be made. The applicant will be advised by email of the decision within 72 hours. Following assessment a unique number will be emailed to the applicant that is required at the border. 
Border Process 
South Australia Police officers are currently deployed to border checkpoints located at roads into South Australia from New South Wales, Victoria and at Adelaide Airport. People coming from NSW, Victoria and through the Airport can expect to be spoken to by Police regarding their travel.  
At the South Australia border point (or Airport), a police officer will verify the traveller's identity and reason for travel against the unique pre-approval number.   The officer at the location can also search for an online application, should the unique number not be readily available.   The traveller's arrival will then be registered on police systems allowing compliance checking of self-quarantine requirements if required. 
If the traveller arrives at a South Australian border point without already completing an online application, a police officer will facilitate and process an online pre-approval application utilising the standard online process.  In this instance an 'interim status' will be provided and the Central Assessment Unit will confirm the decision after that interim assessment.   The traveller will be then be able to enter South Australia under the 'interim status'.  
No travellers will be turned away, all people travelling to South Australia can enter, it is only the circumstances and restrictions applying to the traveller that differ. 
A traveller who already has Essential Traveller status under the cross border community member category only needs to attend the border with their existing approval notice.   Provided their circumstance has not changed they will not need to re-apply.   All other persons who have pre-existing Essential Traveller Status intending to travel into SA from 1 July 2020 will need to apply online.

 The new online pre-approval form is available on  and websites.  

An instructional video explaining how the new form will work is available on the SA Police website, along with Frequently Asked Questions.