New amenities block for Kaniva Poolside Caravan Park

Published on 19 January 2023

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Visitors to the Kaniva Poolside Caravan Park will be welcomed with a brand-new amenities block.

The $593,000-project involved demolition of the old amenities block and a new, modern facility has been built in its place.

The new building includes male and female toilets, accessible toilets and showers, laundry, a baby-changing station, and a camp kitchen.

Council Chief Executive Officer David Bezuidenhout said this project would provide a boost for tourism in the region and it was fantastic to see it now complete.

“The caravan park’s previous amenities block and camp kitchen were built in the 1970s, and now fail to meet the basic needs and expectations of the modern caravanning and camping tourist,” he said.

Mr Bezuidenhout said the upgrade would help accommodate for the shire’s growing number of tourists. It will also help attract new visitors to the region.

“This new facility is all-accessible, family-friendly and modern,” Mr Bezuidenhout said.

The new camp kitchen comprises an accessible barbecue, four hot plates, sink, power access, and an accessible table.

West Wimmera Shire Council received $574,000 from Regional Development Victoria for the project. Council contributed $19,000.

The project will be finalised over the coming weeks. Grass will be installed around the building, new fencing will be placed along one side of the park, and landscaping, including seating and benches, will be completed.

Power and water will also be relocated, to create an additional two camping spaces at the park.

This upgrade is one of many that West Wimmera Shire Council is completing at its caravan parks.

A $1.4 million upgrade of the Edenhope Lakeside Tourist Park is in the pipeline, after Council received funding from the State Government’s Regional Tourism Investment Fund in August.

Meanwhile, new accommodation cabins will be installed at Harrow, Goroke, Lake Charlegrark and Kaniva caravan parks as part of a joint Council and Wimmera Development Association initiative.

The WDA received $3 million from the State Government’s Regional Tourism Investment Fund for its cabins project, which will involve construction of 30 cabin accommodation units across 15 Wimmera caravan parks.

Kaniva Caravan Park will receive a three-bedroom cabin, and a two-bedroom disability accessible cabin.

Lake Charlegrark Caravan Park will receive two three-bedroom cabins.

Harrow Caravan Park and Goroke Caravan Park will each receive a motel-style cabin and a three-bedroom cabin.

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