Fire Service Property Levy

From 1 July 2013 the Victorian Government requires local councils to collect a Fire Services Property Levy on their behalf, as part of rates notices. The rates are set by State Revenue Office, for more information please visit the SRO website.

Your rates notice will now include a clear list of your rates and the Victorian Government Fire Services Property Levy. Although this levy will appear on rates notices, it is not a Council charge. The Fire Services Property Levy is used to fund Victoria’s fire and emergency services.

The levy is not new, but was previously included in insurance premiums and therefore was only paid by those who had insurance cover.

The amount of the levy per ratepayer for 2023-24 includes:

  • a fixed component of $125 for residential properties and $254 for non-residential properties; plus
  • a variable component calculated as follows (cents per $1000 of CIV);
Land Use Classification Rate
Residential 4.6
Commercial 56.5
Industrial 77.8
Primary Production 16.9
Public Benefit 5.7
Vacant (excluding vacant residential land)     11.8


Eligible pensioners and veterans can apply for a $50 concession.

Single Farm Enterprise Exemptions are available, please click here for more information.