Proposed Domestic Animal Management Plan 2022-2026

Submissions closing on 14 October 2022, 05:00 PM

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Under Victorian law, all local government authorities are required to prepare a Domestic Animal Management Plan on a four-year cycle. West Wimmera Shire Council is now in the process of reviewing its current 2017-2021 Domestic Animal Management Plan with the aim of adopting the 2022-2026 version.

What is a Domestic Animal Management Plan?

The aim of this plan is to promote animal welfare, the responsible ownership of dogs and cats and the protection of the environment.

We recognise that pets play an important part in many people’s lives – they offer companionship and are they’re part of the family.  We also understand that a range of controls need to be in place to ensure that people and domestic pets can exist together in a safe and harmonious way and that the environment is protected from any negative impacts.  Through this plan we seek to balance the needs of those person who do own dogs and cats and those who don’t as responsible pet ownership affects everyone.  


Community feedback

An important part of this process is to seek valuable input from the community and key stakeholders to ensure that important matters and/or emerging issues are not missed in this review. 

Council formally invites feedback from the community, which will be considered during the finalisation of the 2022-2026 plan. Your input will help inform Council on how we shape responsible pet ownership through a range of services and initiatives such as, education programs, proactive patrols in public spaces, animal care and rehoming, innovative solutions to nuisance issues and many more.

It is anticipated that the proposed 2022-2026 Domestic Animal Management Plan will be reported back to Council along with all submissions received during this review process.

How can you give feedback?

Copies of the existing 2017-2021 Domestic Animal Management Plan and a customer questionnaire form can be obtained from Edenhope and Kaniva Customer Service Centres.

An online form can also be completed. 

The consultation period is now open and will close at 5pm on Friday 14 October 22.

Fill out a form here 

Any person proposing to make a written submission must do so in writing no later than 5pm Friday 14 October 2022.

Written submissions must be addressed to Ms Nicole Wearne, PO Box 201, Edenhope, VIC, 3318, or emailed to  

If you have any questions about the draft plan, please contact Nicole Wearne on 5585 9900, or email