Quick Response Grant

The aim of the West Wimmera Shire Councils Quick Response Grant Scheme is to build community capacity by encouraging participation and inclusion in events, projects, activities, and programs; growing community partnerships; providing learning opportunities; supporting social connectedness; and activating our community spaces such as parks, halls, and other facilities.

We understand that sometimes unexpected expenses, urgent issues, or opportunities arise that require immediate funding. We also know that starting a new group or program can be challenging and may require some financial support. Finally, disasters or emergency events can have a significant impact on communities and may require additional resources to recover.

That's why we have established our Quick Response Grants program. This program is designed to assist eligible organizations that require small amounts of funding throughout the year to support:

  • Unforeseen expenses or urgent issues
  • To take advantage of an unexpected opportunity
  • To support the establishment of a new group / program
  • As a result of a disaster or emergency event


Quick-Response-Grant-Guidelines-2023.pdf(PDF, 201KB)

To apply for a Quick Response Grant, please click the link below.

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