Questions from the Gallery

Council provides members of the public with the opportunity to ask questions of broad interest to Council and the community.

Questions from the Gallery is divided into two parts within the Council Meeting Agenda:
4.1 Written Questions on Notice
4.2 Verbal Questions without Notice

To submit a Question on Notice, the Question on Notice Form must be completed and submitted to Council by the deadline of 5:00pm on the Monday in the previous week to the relevant Council Meeting. It will then be included in the Council Meeting Agenda. 

Written questions submitted after the above deadline can be emailed to no less than two hours prior to the relevant Council Meeting. 

At the Council Meeting, questions will be put to the Council by the individual posing the question. The question will be answered by the Mayor or CEO, or where appropriate, Councillors or Officers of West Wimmera Shire. A maximum of 30 minutes is allocated for Questions from the Gallery.