Community bus

West Wimmera Shire Council provides an eleven passenger mini bus for community groups to access for community transport needs.

From 1 July 2016 the community bus shall be based alternating between Council's Edenhope and Kaniva Customer Service Centres for one month each, as follows:

Month  Location
 July 2019 Kaniva
 August 2019 Edehnope
 September 2019 Kaniva
 October 2019  Edehnope
 November 2019  Kaniva
 December 2019  Edenhope
 January 2020  Kaniva
 February 2020  Edenhope
 March 2020  Kaniva
 April 2020  Edenhope
 May 2020  Kaniva
 June 2020  Edenhope

From 1 July 2016 the fee for using the community bus will be charged at $0.50 per kilometre, calculated from where the bus is collected, and the bus must be returned with a full tank of fuel.

How do I make a booking?

To make a booking please contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 13 WWSC.

Bookings for the use of the community bus can not be made more than one month in advance.

To ensure that as many community groups may access the community bus as possible Council will restrict the use of the bus by individual groups to a maximum of three separate hires in any six month period.

Driver Requirements

To book the bus you will a need to complete a form nominating the driver and produce a valid current Victorian Driver's Licence. No licence endorsements are required to drive the community bus, a regular car licence is sufficient.

The bus is not to be driven by any person on a probationary licence.

Any person requiring further information concerning this matter should contact Ashley Roberts, Director Corporate and Community Services on 13 WWSC.