Township inspections

On display until 01 October 2022, 12:00 AM

Council is committed to ensuring that our towns and communities continue to be safe and attractive places to live. With this in mind, Council wishes to advice that township inspections will be taking place over August and September to ensure fire safety measures are in place before summer.

Ratepayers and residents will need to ensure that their properties are maintained and clean up any unkempt vegetation, long grass, derelict buildings, car bodies, scrap metal and general rubbish in the townships.

In accordance with the Local Government Act 2020, unsightly or unsafe blocks will be issued with a Notice to Comply. Ongoing blocks of concern will be followed up with a Notice of Intent to engage contractors to undertake maintenance, at the ratepayers/resident’s expense. Fines may also be applied if applicable.

Council strongly encourages all residents and ratepayers to contact and work with the Local Laws Officer if they have any concerns about their ability to maintain their property. Council may be able to assist with names of local handymen or contractors who are able to undertake the work.

Should you require additional information, please the Local Laws Officer, by in writing by email to, or by telephone on 13 99 72.